Friday, May 7, 2010


life in utp is really boring especialy without friendz!!
most of ma friends went back home dy
and im alone~worst if u r really alone!!!**i mean when u r single in UTP! hahaha




seems LIKE im not so interested in blogging!!!~after almost 1 year,get back to ma site!! haha
officially,today is the last day for the lectture week!
but,mine is started 2 weeks ago!! huhuhu

Monday, July 27, 2009


WAH..back fast.n nw im n 1st year 2nd sem!!..wah proud to be a senior loh!!

n get back to the bsness too..STUDYING....
n ths sem im taking six sbjectzz with 16 crdt hrz!
& itz gona be a another ###### year!!
so..far we dont have any labs n tuto... so im tooooo free nw!! everything gona start on the 3rd week..n im rely hate it bcaz itz gona be................buzy,BUZY,n buZY!!


I should say this...last week!! bt itz k..we r n 2nd week nw!! ald one week dah habis...!! so fast!!

i came back to UTP on 17th of july...with ma fren.."apek"kuhan, senior was so tired..
we reach utp around 2.30 pm..1st time at utp after 2 mnths!! woh..n the 1st person i saw ws the the guard....!!!hehe
n then...we r forced to do a medical check-up..4 HIN1..WOOPzz.. waiting 4 so longlah!!..tot ter will b a long cek the doc ony put smthing on my forehead n she said nothing!!... waste my time ny!!.. then cek in!!

once i enter my rm, i gt sinus dy! haitzzzzz,,,sneezing,sneEZING,,, and sNEEEEEEEZING!! I HATE THIS!!........N THE DAy juz habis like that!!
the 2nd day,,started to meet ma frenzzzzz al..n get back to the normal life in UTP!!..

spORTZ..maMAK...dc++....faceBOOking....gtaLK....YM...Mvies...IPOh..n finally,taman MAJU!!!


OoooOpz..intern in SHELL!! Hehe..
20 dayz
n get RM501!!

dOnT GEt suprised!!! caz the intern that i mean is not the 8mnths 1..
i juz bcme the "pengutip wang" in a shell petrol station in my hometown~~seReMban!!
the shell is own by my moMz fren, so,,,,,im forced to be a "worker" ther ,for 3weekzzzz..
it was really fun caz i nonid to do anything!! juz sit down n cllect the money,MONEYn money!!!

bt still gt some bad thingz happend ther!!!...incident2 "pahit"lah...
-hehe...On the very 1st day, i ws cheated by a customer..the guy fill petrol 4 RM30,bt didnt pay the money!! ....
-i lost my "old" HP...there!!with my celcom simcard!! i dont care bot that caz itz too old dy!!

anD..NW.. itz Time 4 incident2 "manis"
-everyday...i gt to c chickzzzzzzz......nice 1..even the antyz daughter aso,very cutelah!!
-gt to c ma primary n secondary school frenzzz al...thatz the best part loh!! din c them 4 yearz n i lost the cntact..n finally gt back them!!.....
-meet ma fav teacher aso!!

finally i gt some money.. n i bot new hp..juz to replace that lost 1!! hehehhe...

welcOMe bACk~

ya...itz toooo long~aroun 2 mnths dy..i din update my blog!!
haha..itz not bcaz im buzy..BT LAZY!!...
WAS knd of buzy asolah..during ma sem-break!!
ya.i gt did some fun thingzzzz with ma family n frenz..
& aso did 20 dayz intern in shell!!!